Daily Prompt: Fly on the Wall

Hi lovely lady, good to see you as always, reblogging you!!

Shards Of DuBois


Crawling across the leaf of a glorious yellow lily, I stopped to listen to what the great voice was saying nearby.  When it spoke, I shivered, the deepness buried beneath time.  My wings reverberated to the musical tone as I held on to the leaf tightly.

With most of my eyes I saw only shadows and light, no form before me other than the flowers and trees; only a hint of moving harmony, a wave in rhythm to the chords of a piano.  A soprano serenade danced in the background, cheerfully rising and falling like rain.  Soft, loud; almost a symphony spoken softly, then forcefully.

But the words…the words stopped my heart from beating, I froze as the question came from another direction; one I couldn’t see on the other side of the lily. 

“How did you do it?”

I waited, holding my breath, cleaning my front legs, ready to…

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