Sometimes I Wonder…..

Shards Of DuBois

Sometimes I wonder, why people decide to live their lives in such a way as to make a point to do it alone? 

I wonder why they don’t believe me when I say, “Peace fills me most days, and when it doesn’t I’m filled with happiness.”  Rarely do I have sad days, or even moments, because when I realize I’m sinking, I reach for God.  And I would honestly say, 99% of the time I feel lifted within moments.  I feel a physical blanket encircling me; and at the same time, my breathing slows, my heart-rate slows, and a calm washes through me.  Not to mention my brain slows, which is almost impossible for me to do alone.  My brain is labeled ADHD for a reason.  I fit the profile.  But when I have fears and doubts, I pray sincerely, and they fade. 

So I wonder often why people fight…

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