1. Oh Bambi, don’t what happened to my computer but side my blogs and my google all my pages are messed up all of them…I hardly can read the writing….I just wanted you to know if I don’t see you..you have my email though so let me know if oh sweetheart..thank you
      Its hard to see my email to..but ttry and let if your ofside is working


        1. My email, I can’t get to but I can look around, google and fox are not working…so I am going to take a look here and see what you have going on.I was on facebook earlier I did a restore and it brought my images and color back.so thats good now have to figure out the rest…keep in touch..huggs


    1. Hi dear Bambi, I am glad you liked it..thank you..oh I wanted to say..that when I spoke of white in the summer only…that was years ago..you just never wore it ..there was something redheads shouldn’t were pink. spec shoes black and white , or of course white shoes..after 30 you should cut your hair…I dont, rmember the years it all changed..but Bambi I am the kind person that I wore what I wanted, do to the fact I guess I was what you would call a non conformist.hehe..I might of stopped in the 70’s not sure..all stupid stuff. if I think of anything else I will have to write it to you…
      You know I use to make all my own clothes and honestly you would have loved them..I alwasys wanted to be a designer, but family my restaurant all came. I have to go, would tell you more one of the days..huggs to a dear friend.


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