Tips For Red Wearers

My thoughts on Bambi and her beautiful combinations and wonderful fashion consultant.. Above the Crowd,

Bambi Schnell

Red, one of the “lighthouse” colors in the world of fashion.

It’s synonymously represented: vitality, self-confidence, love, passion, luxury, wealth. If you want to get noticed, dress up in red! It’s festively excellent for a celebration or a reception. Whereas, wearing red to a job interview or a courthouse is considered very inappropriate.

Dress yourself up in ALL RED is not as simple as that. Making sure that your outfit and your accessories are coordinated. As red is available in several nuances, finding its correct match from head to toe is not an easy solution. Avoid falling into the cliché “lady in red” by trying to marry red with other colors. You have plenty of choices: black, white, cream, navy blue, blue denim. For something unconventional, if you prefer, associate it with brown or chocolate color. Rather bold? Mix red with orange (not fruit, of course!) or fuchsia…

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