Mother Earth ( God’s ) and Sherri work of art-smiles

Palm Springs below. One minute exposure.
Palm Springs below. One minute exposure. (Photo credit: bossco)
Date palm with fruits at the Abdul Aziz Date F...
Date palm with fruits at the Abdul Aziz Date Farm in Medina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pieces off a date palm tree, read below                                                                                                             HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS..ENJOYED PUTTING IT TOGETHER!!!

1mother earth date palm treeyoutube:au///28swyj60UW4?

One day my husband and I went driving in the Valley Of the Palm springs area and stopped by the date gardens to see how they  did things and I found the these things laying all around so o course I picked them up to add to my collection of stuff for my art. …I tried to find out what they really are..just nothing for anyone to eat or do anything they said…well I saw a potential there and this is rock is from the earth and of course my little Palmie, thats what we call him. I have this in my home and have sold a couple to friends…they time to look for of course  and make they really are so much prettier in person..

This is what I call, “Mother Earth God’s creation’s” and my art, I have done this type of work for years. Use to go out into the desert look for wood  and also Chicago and see if I could do something with them artistically. I have many pictures of some of the things I have done..unfortunately some of the really really pretty things I made…were burnt in a fire of my house in 91..I may be putting a page on them..its a fun thing to do my friend Basant Soni if  you have looked at my friends artist page here on wordpress you will see his work, very intricate..not for me!!! patience for his lovely type of work..Basant calls his work Organic art… take a look its acouple of picture of the Valley and the Tr

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