spreading fairy dust.

Hi all you wonderful WordPressers, lol, sincerely how nice it is to nominate all of you it has been a pleasure knowing all of you thru wordpress. so many of you are fun and have such beautiful or fun blogs…I have not been here as much as I would like  to be, but sure hope I can change that soon. So many of you have been so inspiring and helpful and sure am still finding my way around..Thank you for your help you may have given and the likes and comments sure are appreciated



You Have Been Nominated For The Team Member Readership…

Please visit my blog to pick up the instructions and award:www.sherriofpalmsprings.com

Award..Fairy dust…Congratulations all you awesome people!!!

I would like to mention a wonderful writer and artist whom

I received this awesome  award from. Marlyn Kintel how cool you are my friend ..thank you so

much!!! Sherri

spreading fairy dust

Here are the award guidelines!!

Display the Award Certificate on your website.Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.

Present 6 or 8 or so awards to deserving bloggers
Send the nominees a comment to let them know of their nomination.
Post seven interesting things about yourself.

I love my art so very much, it helps me heal from many things and is a passion of mine.

I love music, almost every kind, from jazz  to the back to the 60’s rock, disco, soft music, rap..hehe, my kids laugh at that…

I am a Pisces with a with a Tauras rising and a Gemini moon

I love gardening and God’s wonderful nature, it is a very very important part of my life

I owed awesome restaurant and lounge in Chicago and had las Vegas entertainment and specialized in personalized service and flaming food.

love it.

I host a group for RedBubble a community that I love and the artists also are great people

I have a wonderful family five children and a wonderful husband

I have my two cats and two dogs, one is a coyote sheperd and the other a lab

Here are the nominees for this wonderful award.












2 Replies to “spreading fairy dust.”

  1. Getting this award from you means a lot, thank you so very much ! Due to my editorial guideline, I never follow the rules of awards, though … but I’d love to share 7 things about me, to show you how much I appreciate this award. Here we go : 1. After being an art documentalist, I’ve been a fashion documentalist, in Marseille, France, since 2001. 2. I’m a chocolate addict. 3. I’m a Leo but also a Monkey (my favorite animal !) in Chinese astrology. 4. I adore “Sex and the City”. 5. My favorite couturier ever is Jean Paul Gaultier. 6. I love listening to Thirty Seconds to Mars and The Strokes. 7. I’m obsessed with my blog and my wonderful readers and followers ! Thanks again, take care and, once again, all my healing vibes to “Mighty” … X


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