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The title of the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2010 Show, « G-Spot », was a cheeky reference to the Gräfenberg Spot (the pregnancy corset was presented by Jourdan Dunn, who was then 7 months pregnant).

Photo : VOGUE.co.uk



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6 Replies to “G-Spot”

  1. When I’m posting an incredible masterpiece like this pregnancy corset, I hope that it’s going to be “liked”, but being reblogged is always the “Sherri” on the cake (In France, we say “cherry on the cake” instead of “icing on the cake” !!!). Thanks again and have a lovely day, full of hope … XX


  2. I love the way you said it..with sherri..cool play on word..
    you are so nice and it was a pleasure put up those two lovely ladies
    they made my blog look beautiful..
    we really didn’t find out anything new from the doctor..wait wait wait.


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