Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings_8272894_o-003_edited-006 (2)                                       What a wonderful time of the year. Yes it is great, but this time of the year is a time of sadness for so many families. At our Christmas there will be so many spirits of our family.We sit at the dinner table and say our prayers with tears in our eyes Wishing and Thinking of the empty chairs that were once filled with the ones we love. Yes wonderful but!!!!




6 Replies to “Seasons Greetings”

  1. Very well said. Each treasure that brings me a memory, maybe a sadness for loss, also brings me a memory of joy because they were important enough to move me. Christmas brings that gift, sad as it is, it also keeps some part of others alive, love ornaments on the holiday memory tree.
    Nice posting, love your art work too.


  2. What an exquisite artwork ! Thank you so much for posting such poignant seasons greetings ! Yes, Christmas may be festive but it’s also a sad period for many souls … In spite of everything, this Christmas, I wish you the best for you and your beloved ones ! Mayann


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