Afternoon Tea with the girls

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Merry Christmas


It’s been a year since I had been invited by Macs to join her, Mangobluete and a couple of other bloggers and handbag lovers for a Christmas lunch. During the last months some of us have become friends. Additionally we’ve met more interesting people over the year on the internet and if we were very lucky, in person, too.

Vor einem Jahr lud Macs mich ein, um mit ihr, Mangobluete und einigen anderen Bloggern und Taschen-Liebhaberinnen an einem Weihnachtsmittagessen teilzunehmen. In den letzten Monaten sind Freundschaften entstanden und wir haben auch viele Menschen kennengelernt – im Internet und manchmal sogar persönlich, was besonders schön ist!

Together we’ve been to the museum, explored Vienna, talked a mile and much more. So it was time for a last gathering in 2013 – what could be better than to relax with Christmas inspired High Tea? We fixed a date, Friday the 13th  …

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