Kaleidoscope Butterfly

Sweet Butterfly!! and Beautiful!!


Kladiscope Watercolor on 90# paper (1995)

I have always drawn and been drawn to butterflies, as most artists.  It is not only the colors, and patterns, it is that we share a moment, transient in its perception.  They are there, now they are here, now they are gone. Like the fleeting images of entire painting collections, filled with color, don’t touch, can’t catch, can’t even really own.  We reach for the art of the moment, flit from here to there and then we must do it again.  To those who observe artists, they might as well try and catch a butterfly. We flitter willy nilly about, we show and hide our colors, basking in the sunlight, hiding at the least attention, trying out our wings, seeking appreciation of any viewer.  Our days are brief.  We crush easily. Everyone reaches for us, no one reaches for us, and there is no safe…

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