the last chapter

Merry Christmas Deb !!!

Shards Of DuBois

I’d like a do-over God.

I’d like to wake up one day, maybe in high school, when I look across the room and make eye contact with the man who would fall for me like no other.  We’d grow old together; have 4 children; two boys, two girls, and most importantly, a picket fence.  We’d share so many anniversaries filled with love and flowers and sweet nothings, that I’d never be able to remember them all.

I’d have grandchildren running under foot while I baked cookies and pies for them, while brushing flower off my apron.

I’d have worn floors in an old farmhouse with a garden out back and flowers as far as the eye could see.

I’d spend my days mending socks, sewing quilts, sipping tea and reading or watching re-runs of Little House on the Prairie.

I’d have went to church every Sunday of my life, taking…

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