The Warrior

the warrior Sherri nicholas1 tHE WARRIOR wordsGood Morning!!

Just a little Hi and a wonderful day to everyone.

I didn’t  know which one I liked better…which one do you like?

the first one or the second..

and if you don’t like either its all its all ok!!  Lol  !!Tell me, smiles

I will be around a little later to stop  by your blog

thank you for your comments or likes


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9 Replies to “The Warrior”

  1. Hi Sherri, I really like the 2nd one because the “liquid gold” effect really stands out ! I know that you and Mighty have a very harsh battle to face right now, and I truly hope that you’ll both be victorious … Mayann


    1. We all have a positve attitude Mayann and she has really amazed me…I told her she is a inspiration even to me..
      I told her I would like to write about her on my other blog.
      Thank you Mayann for your thoughts on the warrior I think I agree with you
      your sweet thank you so much my friend


    1. Hi Dear Marlyn, thank you so much I think I agree with you..I just thought I kind of liked it but wasn’t you ever feel that do such lovely work..I studying for a written drivers test ..I do not like to study much..rather be here..smiles to you my friend


        1. Your just the best dear Marlyn what a it ok if I just accept and not send it to others..I just don’t have the time right now…I so appreciate it so much..
          thank you once again for the beautiful heart and soul you have dear Marlyn


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