Flowers In Spring


Flowers In Spring

Flowers In Spring take your breathe away

When you wake up and have your first cup of coffee.

You happen to look out your patio doors or windows
and hear the sweet little birds churping away.
.Yes it is spring!!..Yes it sure it
When going outside to work garden or whatever
the beautiful scent of the flowers that create
the mood of a new time of the season-
when trees are all dressed in their pretty green leaves covering the
sunshine that peeps through and gives a loving glow to
the flowers that grow beneath and I would hope to us..
The breathe of Spring is here!!!
A new light of wonderment and joy brought into our lives by
our Creator!!! Making all this for us to love and take care of.!

So Get out there and enjoy ..I know some of you have snow and bad

weather..but soon it will be spring.


4 Replies to “Flowers In Spring”

    1. Dear Blue, you are such a good friend and so amazing..oh my goodness have so loyal even when I wasn’t around..thats special to me..truly!!! thank you so so much..I haven’t really done to much..been more on red bubble with my group and I try to get here, I love the people here . I have start taking care of my other blogs and face..just kind of have slowed dow\n for some reason. you sure haven’t !!! lol Thank you so much
      with a big hug..see you soon .happy you enjoy it.


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