Little bit of my day / little sad little happy

be76b-nyspecialjadewhowassosickforsomanyyearsAs I wrote in my Washington State Disaster I am having a lovely day. Was in My Hullabaloo

and making comments on other beautiful works..then I watched News and the sadness There

now I back outside because my dear Lab is dying and not sure he has tumor. I went back outside

with tears and prayers and I couldn’t believe my lucky butterfly almost flew in my house. I put my arm out and

he flew close to it but didn’t land on it..which of course didn’t think he the reason

I am telling you this is because 4 years ago I had a tumor in my spinal cord and the doctors

told me I could be paralyzed from my waist down or the least scared the heck out

of me…but I prayed and prayed and one DAY off my bedroom patio screen door along came this beautiful

butterfly that landed on my screen he left and came back but my kittie saw him and jumped on

the screen. he flew away..for some reason as I praying that  little guy came by today…so butterfies are my

luck symbol , maybe from God …I think so…I was not paralyzed or numb..I was fine and it was

not cancerous…so needless to say I think it was a sign of God…Now I have to BELIEVE AND


See You All Later, Have to get back to my Redbubble and the artists

Thank you if you read this..sherri

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6 Replies to “Little bit of my day / little sad little happy”

  1. That’s a lovely story, dear Sherri!
    I believe too that this little butterfly came to you to tell or show you something. Hoping that today’s butterfly brings good news, too! xo
    Big hug xo 🙂


    1. Thank you dear Angela, If I was a wonderful writer like you I would have wrote it in such a different way..with more expression and better words..but I am not a writer I just try to put it out the way I feel….thank you for the Believe and do…


    1. thank you this so sad about my Jade and those poor people its heartbreaking to say the least..I was in your blog and want to join for peace.. I have written many things on peace…and so pray for it..I was just going there now Eric..thank you my friend for your kind words..sherri


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