My Favorite famous artist Aldo luongo


If you have time..take a look at some of his beautiful art.

I had about 10 or 12 of his original Lithographs and when I sold my

restaurant and moved to California, my house burned down and lost

all of them, including another artist..Charleton..

I wrote about him in one of my paintings here..this is his website and

here is the very first picture that I had..most of his work was about

love and pictures like this..

hope enjoy them..

Sherrialdo luongo my favorite artist


10 Replies to “My Favorite famous artist Aldo luongo”

      1. I think you like his work another is a Monet..
        It was sad and when see people that loose everythink in fires and floods and now the terrible mudslide in Washington state…lose of lives and all there treatures, of course the lose of live is the saddest.
        My heart breaks when I see that all happen..,
        have a great week..
        Sherri…oh let me know what you think.


  1. How awful to lose the lithographs in a fire. I came here via B.E.S.T.’s reblog, thinking, “I know Sherri of Palm Springs from FAA”, and sure enough it was you! This is Sarah Vernon as you probably don’t know me as First Night Design.


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