Angel Award

Thank you so much Dear Marlyn, and the words of Don Charisma, so
thankful for the award and the beautiful words..God Bless! I just put up an angel…



Thanks DC of  Don Charisma for another dynamite.
DC says ‘there aren’t any hoops or preconditions for accepting the award’.

As agents of His grace and through divine inspiration we find strength in each other’s words and comfort in all our struggles. Our posts and/or blogs are mediums of positivity, looking after and supporting one another.  We need no wings nor halos if only to represent goodness and deliver messages from Him. We need not be radiating beings if only to protect and guide.  We can carry out our tasks by touching callous hearts through our posts and blogs.  Some blogs are just pure clean fun and beautiful, they complete my day, simply angels of fun and good time and i need  a daily dosage of their posts.

certified angels for this award:

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