Beauty and Nature-Tribute to Women

.{Kahlil Gibran} Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. Bill Fox added this on his comments!!! Some women are born beautiful. The quality of a women and beauty ?????????????????????????????????????does not lie in her outside beauty but in her inner being or spirit. Her Heart Soul and the Eyes that you immediately see her warmth of Spirit as the saying goes..EYES ARE THE WINDOW OF THE SOUL!!! She is Loving and caring She thinks about other people and is always comforting. A calm and collected person Compassionate Forgiving Content with who she is Would never hurt another person intentionally I think a Woman of Beauty radiates, a beautiful sincere smile of Goodness, kindness, joy within her wonderful spirtit… Eyes and smiles tell me what kind of person she is. She may not be beautiful outwardly. In fact, she may not be pretty at all. But is a pleasure to have her around. How many times have you meant a person and thought ..gee, they sure are funny or strange looking ( honestly I don’t even like to say that about a any human being ) But once you to know them , you find the wonderful warmth and spirit within..they become so pretty..I think and I know..I have many stories about people like that.. One more thing when we are young and beautiful we never think that we will get old.So what we really have at the end is ourselves and the beauty within.. but of course there are all these great new things to keep every one beautiful till they are 100 and maybe more.. Sherri



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