Just a little note to say thank you for your prayers.

means alot…Will let you know things are..Wednesday

love and huggs…love makes the world go around




    1. Hi Sharon, your sweet and thank you…My daughter Michele has Breast Cancer that has spread quite a bit
      tomorrow she goes in for surgery..she went through5 chemo’s and they decided to skip the others and go
      tomorrow Tues 13th. I had wrote about her a while ago. We are a wreck…My whole family has had cancer
      but me.
      I will be around wednesday or thursday. I appreciate the energy and healing thought..truly it means alot


        1. Well my dear friend, you can tell I have been sort of in a nother world cally sharon…so sorry dear Angela, thank you so much for your warm thoughts and friendship..she does still need more to go thru..radiation and we are waiting for more reports..
          Angela how are things going with you…I would imagine you have read about the mess at the daughter Dawns husband was in viet nam and has all kinds of problems from the agent orange he was a paratrooper.. he was in the hospital for a least a month and My daughter didn’t leave his side..she knew better. The nurses were greatful because they were so short handed… I honestly believe if it weren’t for her being there..he would not have made it…
          huggs my dear friend..


          1. Oh I agree Sherri! Your daughter definitely saved his life in more ways than one. I wish you and your daughter very much good luck (win the health lottery!!) for all the pain and scariness she and you must endure. Stay strong!! Love to both of you! ❤


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