Eternal Laws of Creation #3…….identify the Principal Laws!


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We can now proceed to identify the Eternal  Laws of Creation, i.e. explore how many laws are in operation! This is a subject that has over the ages, elicited as many numbers as there are experts, scholars and masters in religion, philosophy, the esoteric and spiritual enlightenment! Let us take a general view of some opinions and numbers!
There is a strong consensus among proponents of the concept of Universal Laws (an apparent synonym for the Eternal Laws) that there are seven Universal Laws namely, 1. Law of Mentalism 2. Law of correspondence 3. Law of Vibration 4. Law of Polarity 5. Law of Rhythm 6. Law of Cause and Effect 7. Law of Gender!
While some experts/scholars stretch the number of laws to twelve and thus include: Law of Action, Law of Compensation, Law of Attraction, Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and Law of…

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