Medicare Screwed? Fraud? Just Another Day in California Medical System!

Clueless Doctors & Scientists

A story for you that is hard to believe. It starts sad and then it becomes really ugly so stick with me until I get to the point. My mom died in April and of course, lots of malpractice, incompetence, ignoring power of attorney, wrong drugs without permission, etc. These stories for another day but I now want to introduce you to another subject.

My mother belonged to a large HMO through a major senior organization in Southern California–not giving names but I am sure you know what I am talking about. Few seniors do not belong to this HMO. After my mom died and I received all the medical records from all the hospitals, skilled nursing, etc.,  (for a lot of money mind you!) I started to suspect that something is not right.

Today I received a call from another woman who went through the same thing–with the same hospital in one…

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7 Replies to “Medicare Screwed? Fraud? Just Another Day in California Medical System!”

    1. Thanks for your comment on my blog on Sherri’s reblog. I am beginning to learn that this sort of corruption exists everywhere. All the more I am fueled up about changing the system! There is no reason for civilized democracies for such corruption–not only no reason but no place! Thanks for reading!


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