The Perfect Prescription, by Reigh Simuzoshya

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Elder Abuse – Book Excerpt

The Perfect Prescription by Reigh Simuzoshya


Elder abuse is a multidimensional global concern that manifests itself in many forms. For example, it can take the form of exploitation and marginalization of elder interests, which usually occur through enactment of social and economic policies deliberately meant to disenfranchise the elderly. It takes away their voices and silences them into obscurity. Financial exploitation is another form of elder abuse. This constitutes the unauthorized expenditure of the elderly person’s funds by the caregiver. Financial exploitation of the elderly often includes misusing their credit cards and personal checks by buying items they did not authorize. It can also take the form of outright stealing of cash and other valuable household items from the elderly by the caregiver or whoever the perpetrator may be. Forging the elderly individual’s signature in order to make unauthorized…

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One Reply to “The Perfect Prescription, by Reigh Simuzoshya”

  1. This is quite a excerpt Eric, Thank you for putting this up….I hope people read this book..I have to run today…but I know quite a bit about the subject..which is sickening…I should write you about this…I was part owner of a health care agency and I sent the nurses out cvn etc..many years ago. and I have these type of stories
    see you soon


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