The Difficulty of Believing in God…

Beautiful words

ann johnson-murphree

Believing in God creates an everyday fight

between the mind and spirit; a fight that feels

like a predator riding beneath the clouds

hovering ready to pounce on its prey, life.

Believing that God has set down in life’s book

a predestine path to walk is a struggle between

faith and doubt.

The disbelief in God leaps out of the undergrowth

of insecurity and becomes a poison racing through

the veins of trust, and the pathway through life

becomes lost in a thicket of mistrust and betrayal.

Get off that path… In the realms of God’s majesty

is the wondering world we live in, the heavens are

the air we breathe, and the joys of life.

Stop being a victim, create your own joy, measure

your blessing, and do not let the predators define

who you are, you can believe in God without proof.

The injustices placed in your path…

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3 Replies to “The Difficulty of Believing in God…”

  1. i believe in God without any expectations from her, i do request her quite regularly this thing, that thing and that one too but dont expect her fo fulfill my whims and fancies 🙂


    1. I do to Sharmishtha, but some people get down on God when things don’t go right for them…that is why I put it up…we just have to believe as it says…God works in his own time…and If things are right for us…we may never have what we have prayed for..
      smiles to you my friend..and good to see you again.


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