Bo’s Blog- and a Beautiful Video of his work



7 Replies to “Bo’s Blog- and a Beautiful Video of his work”

    1. Thank you I was your post today and was ready to make a comment and re- and my daughter called and then I got really busy…so sometime this week I would like to re-blog .you have so much I love it
      Eric, if you would I may have some time this week if you could send me the love peace and kindness for the second one…


        1. Dear Eric, its the second one you sent me so I would send it out again…but aat the time I told you I did’t know that many people since then I have met some more very kind people.
          send the Love peace kindness– and I will be gone for for a couple of days so much going on in my home matters…have to take of things there first..if you have time will you slip a little pray in for me…
          love hugs to such a good person


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