Beauty and Beast 2013
Hope you are all having a great day… PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA AND SURROUNDING AREAS, This was quite a fire last Year, 2013 I was looking thru some things and found this one image again…I thought I would share it with you!! Nature can be so cruel at times and yet so beautiful. This is why I called it Beauty and The Beast. The ashes were everywhere. People with breathing problems were told to stay in… I always think of the people that have lost everything. or most all the lost lives and our men and women who fight these fires who put their life in danger everyday.. I know the hurt and pain that goes with a home burning down because my home burned down in 91 and I lost so many memories of my parents grandparents and my childrens things that I cherrished I thought my cat was in gone for sure, but a couple of days later a lady found her all scared and shaky… …she had stones in her little feetsies and of course she looked like she had a real rough time…she did die very young and it was from the inhalation of the smoke.the doctor said.. I love beautiful things, its important to me but material things are not very important as they used to be. My family that are not here anymore are in my heart and I have a wonderful file in my mind of music and other things that immediately bring those wonderful memories right back. God, love, beauty, music, kindness are most important to me .. How about you?, I didn’t think I was going to write this…but anyone that knows me for the last 5 years..knows I do this every once in awhile.. huggs Sherri

beauty and the beast cases and the beastpillowbeauty and beast tpte


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