saint old spiridon church

Paul this is so beautifull…

Paul Militaru

Old Saint Spiridon Church is in the center of Bucharest, in an area where almost every corner evoke successive epochs of history in Bucharest, a few steps from the old Bridge of Mogosoaiei (today’s Calea Victoriei).
Former monastery church of Saint Spiridon Old, small and without towers, has had a tumultuous existence, due to changes over time in its surrounding space.
In the second half of the eighteenth century, there was a wooden church, as stated on March 9, 1680, in a document from Serban Cantacuzino remained; But nobody knows when it was built.
According to some historians, it was founded by noblemen Floresti, serving as a chapel for their homes, located nearby, on the left bank of Dambovita.
The last inscription, in Greek and Arabic, show that the ruler Constantin Mavrocordat, in the fourth reign in Romanian country after monastery dedicated to Saint Spiridon Old Patriarchate of Antioch, on…

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