Southern Colonial Home – Featured Art Print

Very lovely Kirt!!!


My featured Art Print this week is “Southern Colonial Home” done in black and white from my Black and White Sketches Gallery.

Southern Colonial HomeSouthern Colonial Home

I love the architecture of old southern homes, the intricate lines and shapes. What better way to accent those elements than a sketching technique that focuses on those features. I worked to make sure that there was almost an overload of detail in this print. I wanted the final product to not just be a representation of the elegance of southern colonial architecture, but to pull out the intricacies of this style and the setting itself. Notice the detail in the leaves and the plants that dominate the front yard of this southern belle. This particular scene is from New Orleans, Louisiana. The house is located on a tree-lined street that faces a boulevard. The street has large classic southern mansions lining both sides. A…

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2 Replies to “Southern Colonial Home – Featured Art Print”

  1. Simply wonderful. Congratulations to the author of this marvelous work. May God bless you always. Receive all my love and recognition. Juliana.


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