The Healing Power Of Art – A True Story

Dear Joyce, we both had quite a year me with my pheumonia and heart attack and both healed through art.

Joyce Dickens Presents

The Healing Power of Art

I am honored by the invitation to be a guest speaker on Today’s Visions Talking Art, and excited to share my story on the Healing Powers of Art.


On October 8th, 2011, I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm; to make a very long story short I will not go into detail, but just say that while laying in ICU I found that I was getting frustrated, noise of any kind bothered me, as did lights and even people. In an effort to find some relief from the stress that I could feel beginning to build, I picked up the tv control and started browsing through channels.   Probably a hundred or more channels into this I came across one that was displaying beautiful artwork. Each image filled the entire screen and was displayed for approximately 5-7 seconds and then on…

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