The Red Sea

The Red Sea



!he lessons learned from the rediscovery of the Red Sea Crossing Site, in

the late 1900’s may be even more valuable than the discovery itself! At

the site of the Red Sea Crossing, pillars were found, on both sides of the

Red Sea. Isaiah wrote of one of these pillars in Isaiah 19:19. The pillar,

on the Egypt side of the Gulf of Aqaba ( part of the Red Sea ) is shown

above. This discovery was made in the late 20th century, by Ron Wyatt,

a self taught archaeologist. On the pillar, on the Saudi Arabian side, were

inscriptions that indicated that King Solomon had had these pillars erected

during his reign in around 940 BC, to commemorate the Red Sea crossing,

which had occurred about 500 years earlier. The pillar on the Saudi side

has since been replaced with a flag


4 Replies to “The Red Sea”

  1. The way you describe The Red Sea and design in his work. It is simply wonderful. Express and feel are divine feelings. And just up to me to admire the work and artist. Sherri you’re a star of an intense and poignant glow that God sent from heaven. Congratulations my beautiful angel of God. By its beautiful works and for being the only person! Juliana.


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