A Soldier… to the advocate of war


Anti war sign

photo credit: therese flanagan via photopincc<!–

To go along with the above picture… Being a writer, I know within my heart that there are some things that I just can’t sit back and remain silent about.  As those of you who have honored me with your visits, likes, follows and comments since my first post know,,,  there are many subjects that I have been unable to remain silent about. Tonight’s subject matter is certainly no exception.  Besides… isn’t that what blogging is all about???

If you don’t want to suffer through my rant about war… then skip over it and read the poem…

Either way… please read the poem.

There are truths in the poem… My rant?….. An opinion.  Comments about either are welcome.

Today is my day to confess that I am an anti-war advocate.  Oh… I don’t mean that I wish there were no…

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