Please Share Yourself Here :)

Hi Don, your wonderful, I am amazed at your fantastic blog and how you share your self, May be blessed always my friend….Merry Christmas from me and my family to you and thailands beauty that you share with all the beautiful sayings and quotes..means alot..

Don Charisma

This is on sticky for a while.

Please share your work or yourself here (in a comment).

Also find new blogs, friends and connections here 🙂

Use it for :

  • Sharing a link of a post you’ve just done that you’re proud of
  • Sharing your blog
  • Introduce yourself – “Hey I’m Don, I’m a friendly guy, ….”
  • Make new connections and network with other bloggers and readers of Don Charisma
  • Make new friends ?
  • Don Charisma – Thank you for following my blog 🙂

Do not use it for :

  • Advertising commercial products and services
  • Spam
  • Anything that’s political – activism of any kind will not allowed
  • Religious preaching – Don Charisma is already saved 🙂
  • Rude, argumentative, offensive, troll’ish or other moronic activities.
  • Anything else that’s not in the spirit of Don Charisma (and the community)

I WILL PROBABLY NOT REPLY to comments on this post.

I may visit links if I…

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2 Replies to “Please Share Yourself Here :)”

  1. Hola Sherri,

    I saw you post on Don charisma’s blog and clicked on your link. Impressive page! I love art and am am upcoming artist myself! Have you heard of Basel? In Miami. I’m planning a trip to go there this coming year!

    Liked by 1 person

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