Christmas S.H.A.M.E…

Merry Christmas To you and your family!!!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

ChristmasTreeFB“Colorful Christmas Tree”

Mixed Media Painting/Collage

Sharon Cummings


It’s a little pathetic that my daughter has put up and decorated the tree herself this year.  She also put up the wreaths, bought poinsettias, made a ginger bread house, baked sugar cookies and put antlers on the dogs.  She is in college mind you, but she did it all alone.  It sounds so sad, but we ALWAYS wait until the 15th to start Christmas! For me the time between Thanksgiving and the 15th is a whirl of painting, packaging and promoting!  This year she was so bursting with festivity that she couldn’t be patient and wait for me and my husband to finish up our BUSY time of the year.  The “ahhhhhhhhh” time has finally come!  So we are joining her in the fun and joy!  I will not be around much until after the New Year.  It’s time for the…

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