7 Replies to “please let me in”

      1. hey Sherri! sorry been busy. yes please do send a picture, lol Ive recently obtained a cat as a pet and at the moment all cat things amuse me lol there agility is astonishing plus they are low maintenance. my friend was feeding a stray cat for years and then he gave it to me lol we have no idea what it is haha shes a lil older like 5yo so its hard to name her, ive found out that she responds to girl lol if theirs something your trying to find out how to do, there is a possibility of me finding material related to your questioning. even if its just for helping points helping still give me cool points. money comes and goes, im not completely failing at society like homelessness or anything so im good lol my mindbody connection is in good shape, definitively need some work spiritually via intimacy lol. but yea new page will be added soon which will have some strategic goodies. this will be were you find out what i actually know about our real world lol


    1. Hi Gina, so sorry this is so late, I don’t want to loose touch with you…your right they do..but some are left homeless and no one helps them in the heat or snow…out here in the heat they let there cats go and they move… or whatever…I let my cats out…


  1. Collen, hope you are ok…I will still send you the picture and let me know when you have those pages,,,you are so good at your art..I admire it…my little coyote-akia, is a little on the over weight side…but I will try and find a image of her…ok
    how are you doing my friend…artists never get rich till they die…hehe..
    have a good day and sorry it took so long to answer…just busy like you


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