Purple beauty – Ajaytao

Ajaytao Botanical Photography

Purple beauty - Ajaytao Purple beauty – Ajaytao

the flower

i am the flower
i go blossom
they call me beautiful
i go die
they cut me off
they throw me away
so worthless
and useless

i am the flower
that’s what i am


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3 Replies to “Purple beauty – Ajaytao”

  1. Dearest Sherri,

    It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Ajay Mody died on August 10, 2014 from heart failure. I am so sorry to have to bear such sad news. Someone has been using Ajay’s account at wordpress. I have tried to reach out to this person but they will not respond. Please know, Ajay is no longer with us. I do praise God that your precious daughter is in remission. May God bless and protect you and your family.


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    1. Dear Tina, you are so kind I have not been on here as much do to so many different reasons. but there was a couple of likes as he use to do but also made comments so I really wondered If he had passed…Oh I just feel terrible he was gift to all of us…I so appreciate you telling me..
      blessed you and the same to you ..you are so nice…Peaks and valleys…always there.

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      1. You are correct Sherri,

        Ajay was a wonderful gift to all of us. He was so supportive and encouraging to all. I am grateful that I was able to inform you of his passing. I posted to his blog in response to you but whoever has control of it will not approve my comments. I am sorry you had to find out so long after the fact.

        Life, indeed, does get in the way of spending time where we gain inspiration, support, and friendship from our fellow artists. I have met so many incredible people here. Sadly, it took Ajay’s passing to meet most of them but I believe he would be happy to know he brought so many people together.

        Please know that you and your daughter will be in my prayers for complete healing and strength. God Bless.


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