The Ladies of World War2 – Dedicated for their work by Sherri Nicholas

New Creations by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Our Moms or grandmother or even great grandmothers were the great Ladies of World War 2. I am a little late with this..for international Ladies but they should have been honored during this month…when the war started The Ladies  ‘housewives’ or perhaps to do certain ‘women’s jobs’, such as nursing or being a domestic servant or shop assistant. The war changed the world of work for women for ever. When men went to fight, women were called upon to fill their jobs, and this included many jobs that were previously thought of unsuitable for women.

Women were called up for war work from March 1941.

Jobs undertaken by women during the war included:

  • mechanics
  • engineers
  • Tank drivers
  • Building ships
  • Working in factories – making bombs and aircraft parts
  • Air raid wardens
  • Driving fire engines
  • Plumbers
  • Ambulance drivers
  • WRVS volunteers
  • Nurses

Women were required by the government to work.

At first…

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