Water Challenge, Clear Urine, & Migraines

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic

“Drink more water” is as old a statement as humanity.

Not too many people know what that means and how dangerous that can be. Even TV show hosts, who are doctors, call for clear urine as the goal. The general population is following whatever this Dr. says on TV even if it is dead wrong. Pun intended.

Clear urine can lead to death. I bet you did not know that!

Urine has a reason to be colored. It takes toxins out of our bodies and toxins are not transparent. A healthy urine is light yellow that you can see through and smell like… well… healthy urine! Not like water. Why is clear urine bad for you? Can too much water hurt you? How and why?

First, let’s look at what urine is and why it needs to have color: urine is used water from our cells that contains toxins

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