The Way


Convergent Christianity

I not only want, but need Jesus to be personal.

I see both internal and external reasons for this, as well as healthy and unhealthy reasons. Internally, I just need to be known. I need a Saviour who can enter into my difficulties and specifically and personally save me. But, externally, there is this pressure to make Jesus personal because we aren’t allowed to have an authoritative version of him. That would just be to intolerant of other peoples views. So, I personalize. And by personalize him I mean we craft our own versions of him. We then use phrases like, ‘I like to think of Jesus as…” and “I don’t agree or feel comfortable with that view of Jesus. My view of Jesus is…”

Motivated by our internal needs and these cultural influences we find ourselves treating Jesus as a thing. A thing that we can customize to our…

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