Dedicated To My Daughter Michele

As some of you may know my daughter Michele had breast cancer. She went through all the chemo, radiation, I actually can’t remember how many times. She also had a mastectomy. She was doing so well and went into remission twice. She started to have a lot of pain again and has what they call cancer fever of a 102 and very sick.They are giving her intravenous everyday.They als0 took some more tests and found out she has  progress bone cancer..We Just found out yesterday. Needless to say Michele and my family were in shock!!! Now we don’t know how long there is no set time that she will be with us. What can a mom do but pray to God. Keep her warm and loved  and ask for a miracle and healing. I am sending this out to ask you dear  friends to pray in whatever way you pray.. I believe in Miracles and prayers. I thank you so much..

With Love SherriThe velvetLittle darker4000x3


10 Replies to “Dedicated To My Daughter Michele”

  1. hi sher 🙂 thoughts out to ur daughter, an u in these times …have thought of ya a couple of times recently an thought i should share with ya what i use for my cancers! i have acquired over the years .for one reason or another who knows hereditary er not any way ya lewk at it dis-ease starts in the Human Energy Field” an if the field becomes balanced, dis-eases die off…i have written many posts to this affect an am still alive by all means thanks to dr.royal rife. ….The a-z list of diseases it werks on is incredible, has warded off the pkd an cured my skin diseases, an well even helped my eyesight regain to sumwhat normal…have been using it for bout 10 years er so.. evr since they let Q machines into the usa… peace-love an blessings to u an urs this fine 2016…. Q

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    1. How nice of you to think of us.I will go to your other and share it.. your so kind and I am so sorry that you had to go through all the terrible medicines.. did you take meds or pain meds, they gave her so many different kinds of pain meds and patches but still is in pain… it spread from the breast cancer to her bones… we just got the results from the pet scan… it is everywhere… now we pray alot and hope we don’t loose her for a long time… see you soon.. sherri- blessings to you Quarkshire

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      1. i still take a regulated amount of oxycodone daily bout 20 mg an no more, an do nothing else but use my rife machine for different ailments frum my pkd which is all through out my abdomen an throught to the pancreas an liver also, thousands of polycysts, they cannot operate or invade my space, so i am using the biofield repair methiod an it is holding me together frequency @ a time 6 in a session ussually for each disease , take 90 mins er so, to re introduce the body to the correct operating frequencies an kill the incorect frequencies also. long answer but hope ya got muy idea take care thanks fer gettin back to me , mike 🙂

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        1. Incredible what you are going through Mike.. I hate to see anyone have to go through what you have to.. I was just over listening to your video’s on Nano…..A question … why do you think Mike… I have to get going now I still have things to get done … I will hope I get back tomorrow..
          Goodnight my friend.. and God Bless you with all my heart.. sherri

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  2. You know, my Sweet Sherri, that Michele and You are always in my thoughts and in my Heart, even when you don’t hear me, read me ❤ … I see Your beautiful smile around and since years I feel like Michele and You are part of my Life. An Oceanic Big Hug to Both, My Sweet Friend. My Best wishes to all Your Family, from the deep of my Heart. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Dear Blue I am sitting here re-reading your beautiful warm words.. Its been a long journey with Michele , When we found out about the fact that it spread, believe it or not I thought I have to tell Blue she has been with me through all of this… I have been off tract for awhile.. trying to get back to doing all my things.. just didn’t have it in me… You have been a blessing Blue in my life and forgive me for just not being me… I can ‘t begin to tell you how much again your words mean’t so much.. It definitely gave me an inspiration….She is doing a little bit better with the meds and chemo… she is so strong and being in stage 4 I think she can fight it .. the only thing is she will not take the radiation… We let her make her own choices.. God Bless you Dear and hugs to a special aways friend

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