Michele Saying Hi and Goodbye and See You In Heaven..


This has been such a sad time in my family and my life. It breaks my heart and hurts so bad just to think she is not here anymore. But she sure is in a good place.. I just wanted you to see how lovely and sweet she was.. Her hear and soul where just as beautiful.. hank You all so much for always being so kind..





16 Replies to “Michele Saying Hi and Goodbye and See You In Heaven..”

  1. How wonderful to know your beautiful daughter is free from pain, but even more than that, she is with the One who has always had her in His heart. Praying that your hurt of having her apart from you will heal & make you stronger than ever before. May her presence guide you as you continue to create your gorgeous & meaningful art. You are so loved here & from beyond. He is with us always.

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        1. Dear Gina, you are so sweet as I have told you before.. thank you for such lovely words..gee they mean so much especially right now when my Michele is in heaven.. I know she is.. tears.. everytime I have to write her name I cry.. you are a special friend Gina..
          love and hugs


  2. Dear Sherri,
    seeing this breaks my heart.
    I am so sorry for you and your family! It hurts so badly to loose a loved one.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I trust that Michelle now is in a place where there’s only good and happiness for her.
    Lots of love and a big heart felt hug to you and yours
    xo 🙂

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    1. Dear Happy, your so kind and always are and I thank you for your wonderful friendship and always support even if I am not here as I want to be.. it is so heartbreaking, we are having her Celebration of Life on the 17 of this month. My daughter is Christian I am catholic and they do things a little different.. but Happy she was so loved by so many.. I am so proud of her.. she was into healing and laying hands and all the people she helped.. thank you my dear friend.

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