Spacey Abstract by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Digital Art, spacey space.jpg


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Sherri Of Palm Springs

Hi All, Its about time that I said something about me and my family. I am a artist, designer, mom, grandmother, wife. I am originally from Chicago Suburbs . I sold my restaurant and lounge and my designer boutique above with a Iron rough staircase with red shag carpeting looking over a little creek, waterfall and dinning all the way up through the boutique Moved to Palm Springs.. Tell you what I just woke up and I am in my first stage of waking up... to be continued -Sherri

2 thoughts on “Spacey Abstract by Sherri Of Palm Springs”

    1. Oh you are just the best Happy,, so good to see you.. as far as how I feel I am doing better and trying to get back in the swing of things. I was over to your website . but really didn’t feel to good.. so I left. I will stop back ..I love the way you did your.. I think scarf.. the way you wear it.. happy Day
      Sherri.. huggs

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