2 Replies to “two lives a destiny…”

  1. Sherri! Laura Michalek, daughter of Connie. Found you at last and you remain as beautiful as ever. Mom here with me in Seattle the last two years; as vibrant and charming as ever. I would love to come to PS with Mom, and include a day with you so the both of you can see each other again if that appeals to you. Deeply sorry @ Michelle. I remember all of your children well and even the name of your cat-Fricker St. Jude. My cell is 206-464-0850. Please text if you’d like to be in touch❤️


    1. oh my goodness do you how many times I think of my dear friend.. OMG I am so thrilled you found me.. God Bless you sweetie, do you do skype.. our wrinkles will all show but what the heck.. My dear Michele just passed away.. in aug of breast cancer.. it will be a sad Christmas without her..oh I want to see or talk to your mom.. so much.. my skype name is Sherri.. shoot have check it out. I am not real good a texting. but will try.. tell her I love her and you to sweetie..
      Sherri … I just texted you!!


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