Just A Way to Say Hi and Thinking Of my Friends on Wordpress Facebook Google

Hi, all, sending just a couple of pictures links just

pictures..1- Chicago,

2- Mothers Day 2016 When My Michele

3-was still with us.2016. My silly little Honey Girl, she is

not with us either, But think this is the cutest image.

4-This one is a image I did digitally .. called Kids get out of the poppies!!

5-This one is Sydney me and My Nicole..

6-This one is a picture of one of my blogs

Happy Day.. its almost Friday.. what does that mean to an artist or a photographer?


ChicagoMy kind of thown13244273_10209529356620703_8094071739421179924_o17098100_1430195740323754_8726019814479576344_oFOR THE CHILDREN.. MORE POPPIES ,15181325_10211269601805745_823313258186378909_nshot of my little bit of this and a little bit of that..png


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