Two Ways To Style A Bench In A Modern Bedroom

The Benches are absolutely lovely and are compliment to almost any room


bench-styling-end-of-bed-blog cover.jpgOk, so it’s official. I’m madly in love and this goes far beyond my affection for Tom Brady, Justin Timberlake and quite frankly, my husband. Deny has launched the new stool and bench collection and it’s got me swooning. The girls over at Deny have been begging for a seating collection for some time now and when it became a reality a month ago, we were all jumping up and down.

For weeks on end, we tested leg designs, colors and fabrics. We narrowed down the options and landed on the Aston leg, which was the clear winner in the office vote. It’s just so elegant, sleek and stunning. Next up, we picked the metal leg colors. I’m in love with the gold, but there were lots of other people who wanted a black option. So it was natural that we’d launch with those two colors. However, I’m still pushing…

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