I have 5 adult children and married and have my animals, gardening, designing clothes, and do love my blogs.


artist-header-template-little-arrow.jpgDescribe your creative process! How do you get unstuck creatively? I usually have a vision of a pattern that I want to make and in between time with my littles during the day, I try to get a sketch down on paper. Once everyone is tucked into bed at night, I start designing. I will then scan in my sketch and redraw it in Illustrator. I add color (my fav part) and texture and then place my art into pattern form.
Whenever I get stuck creatively, I find that working with watercolor for a couple of days along with a break from the computer, is usually enough to get me out of my funk. When all else fails, I can ask my oldest daughter for ideas. 4-year-olds usually have fun ideas!
design-header-little-arrow.jpgWhat are you inspired by? Who are some of your design heroes?
I have a lot of design heroes. One…

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