Christmas Eve Evening

Well had a wonderful Dinner at Dawns, everything was so yummy. When we got there they said there was a surprise after dinner.. wow what a wonderful surprise!!

It turns out they took me to a lovely country club where a a Gal and dear friend Played her piano and sang her heart out.  She worked for me at my restaurant and lounge in Chicago. When we walked in she just couldn’t believe it and neither could I .. what a great surprise seeing Denise Motto at the piano and singing… how sweet it was.. She was in Japan for a long time and when she left she came to Palm Springs… Rob, Dawn and Nicole my children were just so awesome doing this a a special gift to me .. They are just great.. Thank You

Hope you all had a great Blessed Merry Christmas

with love


Well Its about time to get ready !!

Get ready for what   LOL….Christmas this evening at my daughter Dawns home. She took over the cooking and having it at her place…I gave it to her a couple of years ago. I sure do miss it.. I love to cook and decorate and all that great stuff that goes with any holidays, but of course Christmas is the best.

I bought my grandaughter all kind of things, can’t wait till she opens them…Cindy and Gina would love the pretty white cuddly jacket.. I sure do..

With Love


Just Woke up .. 3 am with a terrible dream

Quite note… two nice looking young adults walked in at where I was.. don’t know where  with a gun right at my face. My two daughters were with me. long story to sleepy to finish the long dream.. My husband had to wake me from screaming.. Good Night


A little story about St. Nicholas…

So Beautiful Paul

Paul Militaru

A little story about St. Nicholas

A little story about St. Nicholas

There are many legends about Saint Nicholas, but all these legends have a common point, namely generosity.

From historical sources it is known that Saint Nicholas was born and lived between the second and third centuries after Christ in Asia Minor, but the celebration of 6 December is actually the day of his death in 352 after Christ.

History also says he has inherited an impressive fortune from his parents, but he did not benefit from his generosity being out of the ordinary, sharing it with the bitter and poor, and making them happy too.

The legend also says that he disguises himself in order not to be recognized and to enter the sacking houses in the houses of the poor, leaving them gifts, clothes, food and money.

The most popular legend about St. Nicholas tells us that entering a man’s house that had…

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