Expression Of Thoughts

I am sharing a part of my new series Fallen Nature

I think..not sure yet .. Maybe after a few I will ask you

to give your thoughts on what to call the series..

Dedicated to our beautiful earth and its dried up flowers, wood, trees etc. to be renewed in art forms…    Expression of Thought

I Am Waiting For You

Hi Everyone, sure trying to get here … really it is so true, I just have had so many things

to take care of and Of My Daughter Michele will be gone Aug 18th, so Its been a little down.. so I thought I would cheer myself up and send some art, hope you like it.. I wasi n a bit of a rush… You guys are so nice to comment or like when I am not here… thank you so so much…Just in case Dear Ones!!! If you are interested in buying something…wow!! that would be nice to… If not Cherio!!! hug…I am waiting for you by Sherri of palmsprings

I just loved doing this lovely gal, I think she is so pretty, I have a lot of apparel and home-decor.. but could you believe it.. I couldn’t find them in my so organized computer.. lol

When I come back I have a couple of doosies..ART.. they are way out of the box.

I am who I am4yes4 jpg


aqua shower curtain by sherri nicholas

This is a image of a shower curtain I designed

Resurrection, Abstract By Sherriofpalmsprings

                                            Resurrection By Sherri Of Palm Springs




-Abstract Re-born

Home Sweet Home!! But a little Cold

Happy New Year to everyone..Home sweet Home…Is were I hope you will be spending time with your family and friends but of course with your friends here at Word PressHOME SWEET HOME BY SHERRIOFOPALMSPRINGS