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Little story behind this image, 3 blocks from my house there are these beautiful mountains. I use to take a walk there quite often.
I had gone  to the doctor this day in Mar. of 2010 because I had so much pain in my back…after a lot of testing they  found out that I had a tumor in my spinal cord.. I was told i could be paralyzed from the waist down or at least numb. I went through almost a year of every test you could think of. Before they new it was a tumor they thought it could be cancer, ms, oh so many different diseases I never even heard of.. I had 4 spinal epedermals to top it all off, trying to find out whatever…finally ,I had surgery for my tumor in my spinal cord. Now if it would have been outside my spinal cord there would have been not to much of a problem.  Inside the spinal cord rules all your nerves. I believed highly in prayer and just knew I would be ok.

When my surgery was over and came into my room, my daughter say she saw me move my foot and said. Thank You Jesus, I don’t remember saying that but I am so happy she told me. I came  out of surgery with only a little numbness in my right foot. I believe that came from prayer from Jesus…even the doctors believed it was a Miracle.
this beautiful place is where I went to before the surgery and cried and prayed and  worried that I would be paralyzed….God is good, prayer heals and your strength, and believing in the Man upstairs will bring you though so many difficulties…He has for me…


I wish I would a good writer…so please forgive


Thoracic Spinal Tumor

By Rose Kitchen, eHow Contributor

Thoracic (mid-back) spinal tumors are not very common. When they occur they can be either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). In some cases, thoracic spinal tumors may spread to other areas of the body either directly or through the veins or arteries or through thelymphatic system. Some tumors, such as those that affect the kidneys, breasts, lungs or prostate, may spread to the thoracic area of the spine. Have a question? Get an answer from a Medical Professional now!

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_5314954_thoracic-spinal-tumor.html#ixzz2aNLBHyod

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The world is in a big  change

Is it a good change? It can be.

I believe if  we can change are thoughts and begin a new way!!

Sharing  love  kindness and being there for one another. Not just our family and

    Friends but, for others whom are in need. A smile along the way, could make someones day.

Prayers for peace

For all nations and within ourselves thats where everything starts is

Within our own being

He Goes Before Me

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have a wonderful day!!! I like to say a God day..

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God Bless You All!

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grafffit_edited-3My little sphinx, did not look like her nor did I have any idea I was going to arrive

with this particular type of an abstract. I had a lot of other ideas.  As I was working with these  colors

I found myself more and more painting a not so good looking face. I wasn’t going to leave her that

way…so I kept working towards what I still hadn’t had in my mine …but as I do so often I see something

that looked like ..wow this could be something and farther into my piece I could see little miss Phinx

showing up..so here she is!!

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