Tree Of Life, by sherri of palm springs

Hi all you awesome artist. I have been away for a couple of reasons…the computer. The next is called…Guess What? LIFE..I will get here as often as  can to thank you so much for my likes and comments..Sometimes I have to just drop my art or my artist friends art of and then get to my other things..please forgive me for not getting right back to you….thank you

I sure hope you are enjoying My Amazing Artists that are so much fun to promoteNow for this image…We need if we can to donate to the breast Cancer as a matter of fact to all  Research for cancer. My whole family as died of cancer, so it is very important to me… My Angel Store azazzle is dedicated to this terrible disease.

I will be making up this image in iphones, ipads pillows and so much more..

Have a pleasant day!!!! Sherri,   huggsbreaster cancer-001


grafffit_edited-3My little sphinx, did not look like her nor did I have any idea I was going to arrive

with this particular type of an abstract. I had a lot of other ideas.  As I was working with these  colors

I found myself more and more painting a not so good looking face. I wasn’t going to leave her that

way…so I kept working towards what I still hadn’t had in my mine …but as I do so often I see something

that looked like this could be something and farther into my piece I could see little miss Phinx

showing here she is!!

By sherri