Saint Nicholas Day,


St. Nicholas Day was a day when I was a kid loved….it was a evening when

when we put our socksout and waited till St. Nicholas put all kind of goodies

in our sock…To carry on the tradition I of course did this for my 5 Childre and

they loved it to….even when I got married I would go over to

my mom and dads as kind of a joke would put

up one of my nylons due to the fact it was the biggest sock I could find..

.my mom and dad would fill it with money

maybe an old potato and other things…I did that for about two years…

it was our Catholic-ChristianTradition…He Was our Santa Claus!!

St nicholas 4











St Nicholas ready2 day

Shoot For The Moon

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.
Les Brown
Well I am going to shoot for my gold dream moon…
I share it with all my artist friends..
This is a little dream I had the other nite and the moon was gold. I have to think that this was a lucky moon dream. I sure would hope so.
I have positive on all things that aren’t quite right at the moment…well actually longer then
Have dream and sleep now
and when you wake
shoot for the moon for the moon2-003shoot for the moon pillow4

Destination Underground..Abstract

The Lost Planet_edited-1                                                                                                                                         Destination Underground


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