This is not Stinky, this was my sweet parrot, Jazz.  He was a doll.  He talked and when I was on the phone and get off he would say bye,bye,bye,bye. Sometimes I would sing and he and my two dogs at the time,

would sing with me. It was a very special group of animals. It is always so hard to lose them…isn’t it…but they are in Rainbow Bridge and soon we will meet them again…or animal heaven; where our

babies go. If they wait for me to go to our God’s heaven…St Peter will be at the shiny gates and saying,”Oh my goodness what to do with all those animals of yours ,not sure if we have room”..he-he.

I have had so many wonderful animals…they are all special and I will never forget them


Now for Stinky…one morning several months ago I was gardening at about 6:30 in the morning and I heard this constant sound. What I thought was “stinky”..honestly!!! The next day he was there again

and every day chirping clearly …Stinky, Stinky, Stinky all day long…how cute that was…well I told my husband and kids…of course you know that they said…yeah mom right..its the truth I would say..They finally heard including

my husband him clearly say (hey Stinky)…we all laughed so was really precious and every morning I would wait to hear Stinky. Now the sad part is with the ash from the fires, Stinky is gone.I feel so bad. I hope he

just went to a rescue shelter. lol…what I mean of course is;  I sure hope he got away and didn’t die…so sad..that’s the end of my story of my Stinky.