Beauty Of Trees by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Originally I did these trees and dedicated it to the people of Japan, when they had their horrible earthquake.They sure do have such a rough time when they hit their country.If you have heard of the San Andreas monster of a fault line, runs through all the desert cities way up past L. A and farther.. They keep saying anytime the big one will hit us..I have been in many earthquakes since I moved to California..  So I know  earthquakes happen my heart goes out to them…  I am sure so many of you know what an earthquakes like.. right!! Tell me about them if you would like…1-misty-morning-003

Do You Believe In Past Lives?

All Dreams Are Not So Good
Sometimes dreams come to us and have to wonder what they are all about.
The why’s of people coming into your nitely sleep that you don’t even know, is it
from a pastl lifetime. I so often think of that…Is there such a thing as past lives?..I do believe I believe…do you?


Tell Me Your Dreams
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Butterflies Are Back

Butterflies are back in my yard after all the fires here in the desert
July and August, some didn’t come back…Dragonflies so far haven’t
and some of the birds…not as much churping in the morning…it is
sad. I think of all the animals  up in the Mountains that couldn’t  get back.

People that lost everything precious to them.

I know how it feels I had a house burn down in 1991

“You have to walk into someone else’s shoes to understand”

so many memories.

Society 6 Sherri Nicholas

Butterflies came back 4600x3000